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      Today we wanted to share with you the Power of Unity.

      Specifically speaking to couples. What we want you to do is watch this awesome video about this topic.

      We both begin to discuss what its like to be one, and just saying "I do" or putting a ring on it... does not necessarily mean that you are ONE.

      I don't want to ruin it for you, check it out here.

      Now we are curious to know what you thought what are some of your comments on what was just said.

      Now you heard we also stated that we will be having a google hangout tonight at 7 pm where we will be doing a Q&A.

      Ask us anything you want we will do our best to answer it.

      We look forward to seeing you tonight CLICK HERE to se us LIVE.

      PS: Like us on FB to get live updates about what we do. If you want to have the financial freedom and time freedom Click here and get access to being able to live out your dreams today. Share your thoughts and ideas with the WORLD as we just did right now. Talk to you soon.

      Paoulo C. Q. and Kassandra Lee




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      Welcome ! Im excited to teach not only what i belive is extremly valuable , but something that you can take away and feel empower... List to to the video closely and give your feedback on if you can hear or not... 

      Here are some of my $400 & $800 days that me and wife have had [PROOF]




      Appreciated it..  I will persoanlly be teaching you the fundamental's so you can get right to building without having to rebuild because the foundation was not built on proper land! enjoy it!


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      See you on the other side!


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      Man this video is just to damn funny , honestly , im a pretty wierd dude , but its just recently , that i have embraced my wierdness but damn, remember how many times i have messed up a handshake..... Iam socially ackward , and for those who know me , you guys can proabbly testifiy =)


      Anyways what kinda hand shake is your favorite ? Mines is the my favorite cartoon growing up " Hey Arnold"  Check out this funny video 


      O yeah i forgot to mention , but if your like me and gets distracted everytime you logg into facebook, watching , vine videos, youtube videos, all kinds of videos, even the ones you aren't suppose to be watching!

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      Thats the face that I had when I was typing away up one of my blogs  and making my finger's labor and work so so hard , hehehe (Not Really)

      So if your here you proably cant understand , or cant wrap your head around the fact on how i was able to make money online....

      Or how its even possible to do that! I Understand , and I also understand because sometimes we dont understand how that can be possible .

      We automaically say to ourselves "SCAM " because we have programed to always look at the negative rather then looking at this as a way to create what you've always wanted from life!

      If your here thinking that Iam trying so hard to convince you ...

      i'm not so just exist out the page.

      I know that this works, not only do i know that this works , i know that this is duplicatable, systematic, and anyone willing can may this work.

       So instead we block , or pass up on the opportunity to learn how it can be possible.


      My Friends if you are closed minded but are willing to break out of that way of thinking , or maybe you aren't but your seeking NOT looking....

      "SEEKING" to find a way that will work for you , then I wanted you to pay close attention!


      Because if I've been able to produce signifcant results that had you saying "Ok how is that 15 year old making money online , with his business and Am not?!!"

      I want to share with you that difference is not a big one, the difference is in the information that I was able to stumble upon  that I would like to share with you here,

      So often people base the way they live , make descisons and teach their kids based on one experience that was NOT a very good one..

      I want you to to not make that terrible mistake here, and be willing to stop referencing back to that particular experice or maybe multiple events.


      Get Rid of it and be open to recieve what is NOT just making me and my wife money but most importantly , is trasforming our lives , and others as well.. 

      This about YOU , this about you having what you deserve and living a life that you dont base your decsions of your bank account , but instead based on whats on your heart !

      Were going to be having a Secert google hang out with with leaders who are producing  the same results or better , to share with you how we have been able to earn money online , and how you can too, sharing with you what we have been doing to get those results that produce that feeling of acomplishment , because YOU deserve it !




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      Have you ever wondered how why its so diffuclt for you to take action on what you know is important , but for some reason you dont?

      My friends i'm here to let you know that there is a cure , and also to bring to your awareness that we bsaed our decsions through out our day based on on PAIN or PLEASURE

      Dont believe me? Heres an example I would like to place in your mind:


      Your on launch break and as your working back to work , you take a notice that your favorite Role model(Celeberity Satus) is signing autograph's to raving fans , you have always wanted to meet him and this would probably the only time you really get up this close to him!


      Decsions you can make:

      Decsion making:  1.) Its only your second week at work and this may just make you late and , even put your brand new job at risk! You can't lose your job ! how will you pay for the bills , the house, your car note!

      The Pain Threshold hold is so musch stronger then the pleasure of meeting your favorite Role model


      Decsion making : 2.) You notice that their isn't really a long line, and you also see that their is a massive stampede of people coming your way!  Your A LOT closer to him then everyone else , if you run over , you will sure be first in line! And can you imagine your dream of finally meeting your favorite Role model this would make your day! Go !

      The Pain wasn't Strong enough to override the the Pleasure of finally meeting face to face with your favorite role model.

      These are just a few example: In this video we will get more in detail how to rid of procastiantion, find your cure and begin to start taking action to see the results you deserve in life!

      Hot tip: The only way to know if you actually made a decsion is when ACTION follows

      Ready to become the very best version you can be? Do you see yourself struggling with procastination at your very best ? The information a stumbled upon has truly chaged my life and still is! But it gets better , just click here

      See how the more you work on yourself then you do your business you will become unsually succesful.. See what awaits you inside


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